"I haven't always been into fitness, I actually never played any sports either. I was the big girl in any group from fourth grade to the beginning of eighth. I found weightlifting when I started high school and basically knew it was an obsession ever since. For the past three years, I've grown to an entirely new passionate being when it comes to fitness and health; in that time I probably only went a handful of days without doing a workout or something active...

... More recently, I began bodybuilding and prepping for the Tampa classic in 2017! My goal on this journey is to inspire others, physically and mentally, to live a greater life filled with happiness and health. I find important and creating good bites everywhere you go, and also bringing a positive light and others to the surface. In the future, I hope to have an impact on as many live's that I come to meet, and help those who are looking, achieve their physical and mental goals. Anything is possible if you put your mind and determination in it, so dream ambitiously and live well"