BBPM Origin

Your Companion in Your Fitness Journey & Healthy Lifestyle
Why bbpm
Be in Love With Your Own Body

“Body BluePrint Masterpiece” means learning how to be in love with the body that you were naturally born with. Embrace your body’s full potential by exploring the many realms of the huge community of fitness. 

Your Adventure Beyond Gym

Body blueprint isn’t just a brand that represents lifting weights at the gym. We want to represent all the things your able to do when your body is  physically able to do anything adventurous or something that pumps your adrenaline! 

Unique As You & Perfect for You

BBPM tribe has all different types of body styles, different passion in levels of fitness, and different goals to achieve in life. No matter whatever body you were born with, most certainly you can sculpt out your own unique masterpiece!

BODY BLUEPRINT MASTERPIECE is a Team that embraces health through all styles of fitness!
How it Started

 It all began with the founder, Matthew Behrman. Florida born and raised, Matt played a variety of sports throughout his lifetime ranging sports such as baseball, football, and track all the way to swimming, surfing , skate, and Bodybuilding.


Throughout this journey hes been He began to realize that when he was in the midst of playing these sports that there were athletes who shined above everyone else simply because they made the sport their life, which leads to them sculpting their body to where they were able to strive in the sport they love!!

Fitness & Adventure meets Apparel
Introducing BBPM

That's why our clothing are made for more people who are athletic, but also know how to mesh that with a couple of adventures that require them to put that body they’ve worked so hard on to use!