Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela and raised in Tampa, Fl., David Ekmeiro has been trying to become the best fitlete he can be, from a young age on. Starting with baseball as his favorite sport growing up, he moved on to try other sports, where he then stuck with rugby to play in an amateur league in his hometown of Maracaibo. 

In the hopes of being a fitter rugby player, he found Crossfit as his training program along with his teammates. Now, David is residing in Miami, Fl. And currently training at Zoom Crossfit, where he holds it down for the BBPM305 crew! Pursuing his goals of being the best crossfitter he can be, David's training the BBPM way to keep killing crossfit competitions left and right!!


"First off, a big thank you to everyone taking the time to check out our page. Body BluePrint Masterpiece is a great way to stay motivated by hearing the stories of young fitletes who have come so far in life, and through countless obstacles and setbacks. As a teenager, I was always known as the "fatty" of the group, and had been bullied throughout middle school and early high school years. 

I was first introduced to sports when I started playing club soccer at 12 years old. I was never a big fan of any physical activity, but as I grew and improved my skills I started to want to learn more about the game. I stepped foot in my first gym my sophomore year of high school. Weights were definitely scary for me at first, but just like soccer, the more days I went to the gym, the more I became addicted to learning more about fitness, health, and the development of the human body. Today, I am proud to say that fitness saved my life, and gave me so much more confidence in myself. The grind, the pain, sweat and tears, and the countless setbacks have molded me into the person I am today. I am studying physical therapy in the fall, in hopes of becoming a PT Assistant in the future. To those who are new to fitness, my advice would be to stay hungry and humble, work hard, and dream big. Always expect more out of yourself, cause there is a fire in ALL of us, all you have to do is spark the match."