How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Athletic Clothing

Close-up of a fabric care tag on an athletic shirt

Athletic clothing, from your best gym clothes to those reliable running shorts, is an investment in your fitness journey. BBPM is here to guide you through the essential care tips to not only keep your athletic shirts and gear looking fresh but also extend their lifespan significantly.

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Understand the Fabric

The first step in caring for athletic clothes is understanding their fabric. Materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex, common in gym clothes, require specific attention to maintain their functionality and appearance.

Athletic clothes in a washing machine

Washing Tips

Turn It Inside Out: Before washing your best gym clothes, turn them inside out. This protects the outer layer from abrasion and preserves the colors of those vibrant athletic shirts and running tights.

Use Gentle Detergent: Opt for a mild detergent specifically designed for caring for athletic clothes. Harsh chemicals can break down the fabric, reducing the lifespan of your gym clothes.
Cold Water Cycle: Always wash your athletic wear in cold water. Hot water can damage the fibers, affecting the elasticity and fit of your running shorts and shirts.

Woman wearing athletic clothes on a yoga mat

Drying Matters

Avoid the temptation to throw your gym clothes in the dryer. High heat can degrade the quality of the fabric quickly. Instead, air-dry your athletic shirts and shorts, laying them flat or hanging them up to prevent stretching.

Workout shirts on a rack

Storage and Rotation Is Key

Proper storage is crucial in caring for athletic clothes. Keep your gym clothes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Folding your athletic shirts and running shorts carefully to avoid creases can also help maintain their shape and fit over time.

Rotating your gym clothes is a simple yet effective strategy. Giving your best gym clothes a break between workouts allows the fibers to relax and recover, extending the overall lifespan of your athletic wear. 

By following these tips, you're not just caring for athletic clothes; you're investing in the longevity of your fitness journey. Remember, the right care for your best gym clothes, athletic shirts, and running shorts not only keeps them in prime condition but also supports your workout goals. BBPM is committed to helping you make the most out of your athletic wear, one wash at a time.

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